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Everyone has problems and most people come to a repatterning session to try and rid themselves of "The Problem".  Sometimes a problem is just part of the fabric of life that happens, we know how to deal with it and easily take action.   However, when problems keep occurring, or never go away, you might say that have become a pattern and when we resonate with a pattern (good or bad) it will be the reality we experience despite the most brilliant resolutions, determined effort or intention.

Clearing problems in resonance repatterning checks for our system's specific non-coherent feelings, the related stressors, the non-truths, and earlier experiences that weave the frequency pattern of our problem.  A healing modality checked from a catalog comprised of many systems, identifies what will help our system today.  Once integrated and our energy field is coherent in relation to the presenting problem, we may easily take personal action and turn problems into opportunities. 

What problems are you experiencing?  What are the negative feelings related to it?  Could repatterning help you?    Let's discuss what is possible.  Call for a short consultation 416-416-763-6306.


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