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Have you ever had the experience of sensing that something in your life is "Off" but couldn't put a finger on it?   Chances are, like many learning about energy fields and how they impact our experiences, you were in touch with a frequency of some part of your life. Frequencies form patterns that may block or limit us in some way or support us with coherent energy.

Chloe Faith Wordsworth knows all about energy fields and studied every worthwhile system in depth in her quest to find the best system for healing one's self.  There wasn't one.  Instead she discovered that every modality has it's place depending on where we are today.  What was needed most was internal GPS system to locate the patterns that needed to clear and the best pathway or modality to do it.  Based on our own inner wisdom that knows what is optimal Chloe developed the Resonance Repatterning System and has been developing and teaching it for over 20 years.

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Do you need an orientation session for some aspect of life?  Where are you out of synch with others? feeling unwelcomed, or not yourself? Are you having issues with time? 

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